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'Where Wales Begins'

Ann Griffiths (1776-1805) was a Calvanistic Methodist hymn writer who lived the majority of her life in Dolanog, near Welshpool. Many people travel to the remote area to visit places associated with her life and work. This 6 mile (10km) walk takes in a variety of landscapes from river valley and gorge, meadow, woodland and forestry plantation to bare hilltop. It follows closely the bank of Afon Efyrnwy for most of its length and runs close to the long distance path, Glyndwrs Way. Used together, the two routes provide excellent looped walks in the beautiful Vyrnwy Valley.

waterfall at Dolanog
Waterfall at Dolanog, near Welshpool

Now one of the longest waymarked walking trails in Britain,the Severn Way traces a route along the entire Severn Valley, a distance of around 210 miles (338km). From Newtown to Welshpool the Severn Way follows the towpath of the Montgomery Canal rather than the river, flowing to the North East. The walk encompasses beautiful scenery, wonderful wildlife, fascinating industrial heritage and historic villages and towns.

The River Severn
The River Severn

The Montgomery Canal has much to offer the walking enthusiast. The canal is a declared Site of Special Scientific Interest for almost half its length and has much to boast of in the form of rare aquatic plant communities and insect and animal life.

The heritage enthusiast will also gauge the historical significance of the area with many old buildings surviving from its days as a thriving commercial canal. At Welshpool Wharf you will even find a section of the horse-drawn tramway lines used to convey materials from the yard to the wharf.

Also dotted along the canal you will find lime kilns, lock cottages, old bridges and mileposts.

Montgomery Canal

The Montgomery Canal
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Other delightful local walks can be taken along designated drives through Powis Park to the Castle in Welshpool or for a more physical challenge, set out to see Rodney's Pillar and conquer the Breidden Hill; every step is worthwhile to experience the magnificent views from its peak.